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Hugbúnaður fyrir GPS og GNSS



Hugbúnaður fyrir GPS og GNSS
Leica Geo Office hugbúnaður fyrir GPS og GNSS

Leica Geo Office


Best-in-class Processing Options
Years of experience in the fields of surveying and GNSS data processing resulted in the world's most powerful processing options.


GNSS data processing using SmartCheck techniques
TPS processing – from simple station updates to complex traverses
Level processing
Combined network adjustments.

Use GNSS processing to automatically update SmartStation setups.

Combine GNSS and terrestrial data with an integrated Least Squares Adjustment

GPS og GNSS hugbúnaður frá Bernese



State of the art modeling, detailed control over all relevant processing options, performant automatization tools, the adherence to up-to-date internationally adopted standards, and the inherent flexibility due to a highly modular design are characteristics of the Bernese GPS Software.



Leica Spider

Leica Spider Network


GNSS Spider is an integrated software suite for centrally controlling and operating GNSS reference stations and networks. GNSS Spider is modular and scalable and can be tailored to suit various GNSS surveying, seismic and strucutural monitoring applications.


The advanced SpiderNET solution provides long-range high-accuracy Network RTK and centralized data distribution. The Spider Business Center portal provides powerful and secure access management.

Professional service providers' world-wide count on using the best infrastructure solution for their needs – Join them in using Leica GNSS Spider solutions